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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


2018 is officially the year of the Irish language

Irishwoman Nellie Cashman remembered for rescuing 77 gold miners 

Ireland is any foodie's paradise - fall in love with Irish food 

Bride joins 25 Irish dancers in spectacular wedding dance 

Stunning photos of the New Year's Day supermoon over Ireland  

Dublin among the top 50 most visited cities in the world 

You know you're Irish if... 

Hilarious Riverdance church fundraiser is going viral 

"The Night Of The Big Wind" that killed 90 took place on this date in 1839 

58 children in Dublin pauper’s grave died of malnutrition, syphilis, and heart failure 

An Irish storyteller shares the secrets of her trade  

A full glossary of Irish slang terms has just been released  

Top Irish names for girls 

Is this perhaps the most perfect picture of Ireland ever taken? 

The ancient Irish alphabet Ogham explained 

How an ancient Irish title died with the last Knight of Glin 

What’s the average house price in Ireland right now? 

Historic Titanic pier at Cobh to be reconstructed 

Oscar Wilde poems you wish you’d always known  

Public applauds hilarious new British show about Catholic girls in Derry 

Scientists studying Irish Famine reveal women more likely to survive life-threatening situations 

Poor but unbowed, Sean O'Casey left priceless treasure 

of course, I didn't forget...

Country potato and cabbage soup recipe 

Mashed potatoes the perfect diet - the Irish had it right all along 


Family History Daily

6 ‘Secret’ Google Search Tricks for Genealogy That’ll Help You Find Your Ancestors

50 Free Genealogy Sites to Search Today

Paddy Kavanagh's Christmas | The Clare People

Cathy Swift's lecture to Kilrush & District Historical Soc...  Mixcloud audio

TradFest kicking off 2018 in style with stellar line-up 

A Cricket Dynasty - Gregory Cricketing Family - Cairns & District Family History Society Inc

Two families separated by one argument and 100 years   The Guardian

Share housing for skeletons: New plan to maximise Sydney's burial plots  Sydney Morning Herald

Family Surprises: Monica McInerney – Better Reading

Belfast genealogy conference delves into our DNA     Belfast Telegraph

‘Off to fight for the Republic.’ Countess Markievicz’s propaganda cartoons in the Irish Civil War  The Irish Story

I Love Bello Shire  summer delights...

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: The Problem of Family Not Wanting Your Genealogy Research

Polaroid film, VHS tapes, cassettes: Why can you still buy this stuff?

Rekindling family history can trigger empathy for refugees, study shows | Community |

Molly Regan delves into family history as an 'Accidental Curator' | Chicago Sun-Times

Native American family tree sprouts a new branch -

Secrets of Britain's royal rulers hidden in 600 year old Canterbury Roll | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ

Queensland: the home of Australia's weirdest place names         *  I know it’s on a commercial page, but use Reader for the story without the rest. 

READER can be found in the URL bar, with vertical lines image on the far left. Click on that and you can read without the blurbs…

17 Things You Should Do to Every Blog Post Before + After You Hit Publish (Free Checklist!) - Melyssa Griffin


A Search for a Lost Hammer Led to the Largest Cache of Roman Treasure Ever Found in Britain

The Ghosts of My Lai

Genetics Rewrites the History of Early America—And, Maybe, the Field of Archaeology

The Top Ten Most Important Ancient Documents Lost to History

Features of macos

Book Review: Proclaiming a Republic: Ireland, 1916 and the National Collection,  The Irish Story

Visit  Brisbane... lots of great ideas.. scenic drives, enjoying the Bay, Mao's Last Dancer Exhibition and much more

Following Taneya's Tip  Organisation of Digital Images  Geniaus

Family devastated after grandmother's coffin swapped for cheaper box Central Qld

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Detailed Birmingham Street Maps ca 1887

Findmypast adds London area burials

Super UK Family Tree Magazine January Sale

BIFHSGO Conference 2018

Ontario Historical Land Registration Books Online

Deceased Online to add millions more burial and cremation records in 2018


Greater Manchester Burials

England, Greater Manchester Marriages 1570-1936

Britain, Histories & Reference Guides

Northamptonshire Memorial Inscriptions

Middlesex, Brompton Cemetery Records

England, Cheshire School Records, 1782-1950

British Army, British Red Cross Society Volunteers 1914-1918

Ireland Military Pensions and Medals 1916-1922


lots to read this week...

Diary of an Australian Genealogist: New Year, New Look & Lots of News - Genealogy Notes 27 Dec 2017 - 5 Jan 2018

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The vocation of music teachers  In Days Gone By

#52ancestors - Start  Derek's Den

Chasing Romeril_Brudus Ancestors  Sandra Reid  newish blog..

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and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

BUMPER ISSUE .. it’s back…Friday Fossicking 5th January 2018, have you eaten a donkey's gudge, love in a little black diary, Ryerson Index, gumleaf letter, O'Briens wanted, 19thC editions C of Ire. gazettes, convict tattoos, News Flash Qld State Archives, time for fun, Victor Borge,  struggle with genetic genealogy?, century of armistice, reclaim the for genies, Great Hunger Christmas at workhouse, cost of 12 days of Christmas, browse back issues of MEMENTO (National Archives of Australia),and so much more…

I have included one or some of your blogs in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at 

Thank you, Chris

Headlines of Old

Did your relatives come to Australia and become naturalised? Perhaps they are mentioned in these lists….

Certificates Of Naturalisation - Various States - Trove Tuesday 9th Jan.2018 - Series 3, Commonwealth of Australia Gazette,

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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               

Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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REMINDER... BDMS range are now increased by 1 year

Speeding around a corner earns jail time | Northern Star, Lismore NSW

Kythera Newsletter December 2017  Greece

Griffis: Reach Indiana databases online Danville Commercial News

Writing 'Rudolph': The Original Red-Nosed Manuscript : NPR

Episode 9: David Ryan - Tracing your Cork Ancestors      RaidiĆ³ Corca Baiscinn

Introducing The Ryerson Index - The In-Depth Genealogist (Shauna Hicks)

The Gum Leaf Letter | John Oxley Library

60th anniversary – Australia’s first drive-in shopping centre | John Oxley Library

Pecking order: how John Gould dined out on the birds of Australia | Environment | The Guardian

I Love Bello Shire lots of holiday events

Kingaroo the Kangaroo Queensland State Archives

State Library Victoria – Convict tattoos

The Atlas of the Irish Revolution: the emperor’s wonderful new clothes – John Grenham – Irish Roots

Download this FREE Genealogy Research Checklist  Thomas MacEntee

Family history, begin your journey National Archives of Australia

Attention self-publishers! | National Library of Australia

Cabinet records by year – National Archives of Australia, Australian Government

 Back issues of MEMENTO  well worth browsing

 New! Pre-ordering records trial      this link takes you to ordering form  Queensland State Archives
* From January 2018 Queensland State Archives is trialling a pre-ordering service for three months that will enable you to pre-order your records before you visit.  The records will be delivered to the Public Search Room once you arrive. Select “General enquiries or needing help” and then “Other”. You will need to include the following details with your order:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of visit
  • Researcher ID number (if you are not registered yet, you can still pre-order but you will need to complete our paper work on arrival at QSA, including showing ID.
You can order up to 1 week before your visit but pre-orders must be received by 12:00pm the day before.

When you get here, mention to our staff that you have pre-ordered records and they will have the records brought out for you.

The National Archives UK


Australian War Memorial

Anglo-Celtic Connections

Never too late to relax and enjoy... some lighthearted posts from John D. Reid


Reclaim the Records announced through the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) they obtained and published the death index for Buffalo, NY for the years 1852-1944.  They estimate that there are about 640,000 names listed in the indexes. During the 1852-1944 timeframe, Buffalo, NY was one of the top 15 most populous  American cities, and sometimes  in the top ten.

These indexes have never been online previously, nor were they microfilmed by FamilySearch. However, the City of Buffalo digitized the death index books around 2002.  Reclaim the Records advises there are some "minor" issues with the scanned copies. When the Buffalo City vendor digitized they didn't center the pages as they should, and often they cut off about a quarter of an inch of the far right side of the page—often where the year was written. For the 1890's books they sometimes cut off the very bottoms of the pages. Since each death book only covers several years at a time, and each page was written chronologically, you will be able to narrow downs the date range to the years for that book and looking at the earlier top or bottom of the page you may be able to "guess" he year…at least it will be in within the four year range of the book. Occasionally the pages are out of order—at the back of book some pages may have been "shoved" if they came loose over the years.

For the years 1891-1897 there are an additional Second page with information on the father and mother—name, place of birth, street address of death and exact date of death. The index records are posted on Internet Archive see:
Internet Archive is free and no login or subscription is required.

No law suit was needed to obtain the indexes! As the records were digitized they only had to send them to Reclaim the Records—but that doesn’t mean a strong effort to obtain them was not required!  See the newsletter ( see below for the url) for the details. 
 The newsletter mentions a newly signed law ( Governor Cuomo signed last week) that FOIL requestors who are wrongly denied their records can recover their attorneys' fees and court fees if they bring a lawsuit.  To read the actions of the bill and the new law see:

To read more about this acquisition in the latest newsletter see: 

Congratulations to Reclaim the Records!

The International Tracing Service (ITS) has published online an additional 15,000 documents from its "Death Marches" collection.  Cemetery plans, maps and references to burial places have been added.  By clicking on place names, the users can see all related documents.

Go to:  (German  language is also available by going to this url and clicking on the German flag). On the left side of the screen see Death Marches and the subaccounts under that title. When the new window opens in the center on the white background has the index of files, map place presentation and alphabetical index of places.

To read more about this collection see the ITS newsletter at:
Original url:
This is available in English, German, French, Russian and Polish, by clicking on the flag and dropdown box  to the left of search bar.

Since 2010 the (US) Library of Congress has been acquiring tweets,  The collection originated as  a gift from Twitter of its entire archive of public tweet text from its beginning tweets form 2006 through 2010. Since then they continued collecting with all public tweet text.  This was done to acquire and preserve a record  of the American people's knowledge and creativity.  The Library has the first 12 years of tweets: 2006-2017. The volume of tweets and related transactions has grown exponentially since it began.  Twitter is now expanding the size of the tweets and the Library does not receive images, videos or linked text and more tweets today have visual content. For these reasons, effective January 1, 2018 the Library of Congress will acquire tweets selectively. The tweets collected and archived will be " thematic and event-based, including events such as elections, or themes of ongoing national interest, e.g. public policy."

Due to the cost of collecting and preserving the tweets that are archived the Twitter collection is embargoed until they find a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

To read the white paper on the update see: 

To read the blog posting about the Library of Congress change of policy see:

This is a follow-up to a previously reported bill.

On April  14, 2017 the IAJGS Records Access Alert reported on the Indiana Legislature passing House Bill 1523 that would permit the state to charge an hourly fee  for records searches that exceed two hours.   The rate the state may charge is either $20 per hour or the hourly rate of the person doing the search.

Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed the bill on April 24, 2017. To read the actions for this bill see:

To read the Governor's veto message dated April 24, 2017  see:

Governor Holcomb expressed his position that providing access to public records is a key part of the work public servants perform and he did not support policies that create obstacles to the public gaining access to public documents. He did state, however, that he supports government agencies providing  electronic copies of public records in an electronic format. ( such as emails)

The enrolled version ( final version) may be read at:

Thank you to Dick Eastman and the Eastman Online Genealogy Letter for informing us about the governor's veto.


Eyewitness account of Great Hunger workhouse on Christmas Day 1847 

Who knew that Santa's elves could Irish dance? Amazing routine to a Christmas carol 

You know you're Irish at Christmas if... 

Finding loved ones before Christmas after decades apart 

Irish girl singing Hallelujah becomes Christmas sensation around the world 

The best pubs in the picturesque town of Dingle 

Travel through the mysteries of the ancient Boyne Valley (PHOTOS) 

Five Irish emigrants surprise their families for Christmas 

Top picturesque historic villages in Ireland (PHOTOS) 

Beautiful poem for the departed adapted by Irish monks 

Christmas morning in Ireland: Memories from decades gone by 

Happy Stephen's Day - A guide to Ireland's holy days and holidays 

A beautiful stone farmhouse in Ireland for $53,000 

The funniest Irish videos of 2017 

Cliffs of Moher voted best “cliff view” in the world (PHOTOS) 

Irish family welcomes the first baby girl to the family in 117 years 

Beautiful places that prove Ireland is a winter wonderland  

Literature, film and music - 2017 was the year of the Irish renaissance 

What is the most common last name in Ireland? 

Irish farmer, donkey, dog - National Geographic’s Photo of the Day will make you laugh 

400-million-year-old stones discovered in Galway stone wall 

10 ways to turn anywhere in the world into Ireland 

On New Year's Day 1892 Annie Moore was the first immigrant through Ellis Island  

Biggest Irish news stories to watch out for in 2018 

Star Wars' porgs inspired by iconic Irish puffins 

Stunning photos of the New Year's Day supermoon over Ireland  

WATCH: Terrifying flooding as Storm Eleanor hits Ireland  

The ancient music and instruments of Ireland (PHOTOS) 

and couldn't miss the treats...

The ten best Irish Christmas food and drink treats 

Ireland is any foodie's paradise - fall in love with Irish food 


Historical Ratbag series..

The last in the series... if you haven't read all of them, do go back and explore Ellen's beautiful photos, wrapped in so much history.. Congratulations ...a wonderful series and a mammoth effort...

Advent Calendar of Medieval Religious Institutions: December 25th: Abbaye-aux-Hommes, Caen

Claudia has written even more great blogs... these are just a few... she has the ability to make me smile and cry, often at the same time...

Can You Afford the 12 Days of Christmas?

A Small Reminder

I Want To Be A Mixing Engineer

GeniAus presented us once more with her geneameme.. Accentuate the Positive... it's not too late to participate... These are a few of the responses... you can read more by going to Jill Ball's site at

Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2017 | Lonetester HQ

Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2017 | Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2017 Anne Young

The Silver Voice never fails to educate and entertain us...
New Year Customs in Ireland

Women’s Christmas, January 6 -An Irish Christmas Tradition  

genielynau had me waiting for the next blog with her tales of George Capel..

George James Capel – The Story of a Globetrotting Newspaper Man with Dreams to Fulfil – part 1

George James Capel – The story of a Globetrotting Newspaper Man with Dreams to Fulfil – part 2

More from George – “Home-Keeping Youths have ever Homely Wits”

Opinions from George – What kind of place is America?

A tribute to a lost daughter – A Poem from George

then again, I also have a fascination for Emily's Quill Pen, by genielynau

The Australian Bride

NAPOLEON – An Acrostic

A Simile

TextileRanger also keeps me looking to see her latest blog posts...

Wrapping Up 2017

Word of the Year for 2018

Public Domain Day

cassmob's posts are always a must read...

Deck the Halls: 2017 Christmas geneameme

New Year’s Memories of the Rose Parade, Then and Now The Family Curator

Of Christmas past and present    In Days Gone By...

Isaac Ludlam Executed For Treason  Kylie's Genes Blog

The Skeleton in the Dunes | The Dusty Box

Publishing a family history in Australia – my experience | Anne's Family History

GeneaPress: GenSoft Reviews 2017

The Porter family in Toowoomba: A short interlude: Charles Edward Porter (1885-1962), Flora Mabel Trott (1885-1956) and Edward Porter (1916-1916) - GSQ Blog

Thomas Probert: The Ultimate Sacrifice  Hawkesbury Heritage & happenings

The Ocean Grove History Murals Susie Zada

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That Moment in Time

world 1st solar train, Greek women of the Begona, Portsmouth records, Newgrange winter solstice, Christmas deportation, West Cork graveyards, family heirlooms, Moreton Bay convicts, swagman inquest, Irish  “Rosary Priest’ closer to sainthood, Ireland’s Scottish High King, Judy G. Russell webinar, records-access alerts… 
how the net is changing, renewable tenure proposal NSW Cemeteries, Murder, bigamy and Broome's greatest love story, 

Headlines of Old

Commonwealth Govt. Gazette 1947, Certificates Of Naturalisation - Lists  -- 1947  Trove Tuesday 26th Dec. 2017 Series 2, Names and addresses, Trove Tuesday announcement, TROVE 

As They Were

Dublin, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Mayo, Meath, Sligo, Wexford, Waterford, IGP ARCHIVES  ADDITIONS - DECEMBER 2017,